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    The Best Books for Personal Development for Stay at Home Moms

    The Best Books to Start Your Personal Development Journey It is important to continuously learn in order to continuously grow as a person, even in motherhood stages. Personal development is a lifelong process in which we learn about ourselves, our habits, our belief and more. I believe reading is crucial to learning and understanding ourselves more in this process of self growth and diving deeper into who we are and what we truly need in our lives. As seasons of life change, so must we, on all levels, mind, body and soul. I have personally found these three books to be life changing. They changed my perspective on myself, self…

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    Self Care For Moms

    Self Care for Moms Motherhood does not mean you have to give up “me.”  We are all so busy taking care of everyone else that we stop taking care of ourselves.  It could be because we are drained, stressed, overly busy, sleep deprived or like me personally – just being a martyr, I refused to make myself a priority because I thought everyone else had to be a priority first. But I was wrong. What I found to be true was that in order for my to have a happy, healthy family and life, I  needed to be happy and healthy.  I needed to do this for my family, because they  needed me…

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    You Can Change The World

    Many of us think about what we can do to change the world. What can we do in our lives to make the world a better place. And although going vegan, using glass over plastic and taking shorter shores are all impactful, how about we simply start by looking at ourselves? That is the person that needs to change so the world can change. Once we dig deep and realize our faults, selfishness, egocentricity, and traits of ourselves that are less than acceptable for humanity, we start to want to change. We start to want to be better for ourselves which in turn makes the world a better place, one…

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